Non sequitur ("it does not follow") is a Latin term that simply means that the conclusion doesn't follow from the premise.

Example of a non sequitur


  1. Science can’t explain the origin of life
  2. There are gaps in the fossil record


Different religions come up with different mutually contradictory conclusions based largely on wishful thinking:-

  1. Therefore evolution is false and God created us as shown in the 1st or 2nd Chapter of Genesis and further Jesus is God’s son.
  2. Therefore evolution is false and Allah created us as shown in the Koran.
  3. Therefore evolution is false and the gods/goddesses of our polytheistic religion created us as shown in our sacred texts.


  1. The first premise is correct, science can’t explain yet the origin of life but see Articles on the Origin of Life.
  2. The second premise is is correct but unimportant, see TalkOrigins on Transitional fossils. Fossilization is a rare process and we will never get a complete record from generation to generation, but evolution is clear without a totally complete record.
  3. This in no way shows that any one religion or sect has the true explanation for life.
  4. Further natural explanations for life and its origin are in no way ruled out, science has not found the whole story yet.

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