Disclaimer: this article uses intelligent reasoning and available evidence to reach logical conclusions and encourages free thinking. As such, it is EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS to faith and represents a clear attack on religion. All good, right-thinking fundamentalist YEC Bible-thumpers should leave now.

In the beggining there was nothing but there was god somehow, which started poffing the universe out of nothing, starting with ligth (there was still nothing but you could see it a lot better), then he continued creating the earth for six days (because somehow days passed without the sun),the stars in part of one day and resting for one day (because he aparently can get tierd). Then god created animals and then he created Adam out of mud (even though he didn't previously need to create anything out of anything) but Adam was lonely so he took Adam's rib and created Eve and he warned them about the completely unnecessary tree of knowledge (even though they didn't have a concept of good and evil and thus warning them about something was useless) and he stayed there while Satan turned into a talking snake and tricked Adam and Eve to eat from the tree and thus God punished them and all their decendants for having a concept of good and evil. Then many, many years later God decided to forgive us for it and insted of simply forgiving us (like he's supposed to do) god decided to impregnate a virgin so she could give birth to himself to sacrifise himself to himself to save humanity from himself for something he started in the first place.

....if you're a christian please explain how can you belive this

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