A Caste is the place which a person is born. In Hinduism, the lowest caste are the workers and the highest caste are the Brahmin Priests, the cows are also considered like Brahmins [1]. Not all Hindus accept the caste system, some see caste as an aberration of original Hindu teachings, [1] the caste system is legally banned. The Dalits are treated even worse than the workers. Dalits are either very low cast or so low they don't even have a caste. And accrding to Hinduism all foreigners who are not Indians or descended from Indians are without caste. Most people reading this are Dalits.

For a person to go up, they have to be good in their caste. This means no complaining, and to do whatever their caste requires. If they're a beggar, they must beg. If they're a king, they must rule. If they're a fish, they must swim. The caste system is almost abolished in towns but it carries on in rural areas.

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